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Mindful + Practice=

a Conscious-Experience!


Our intention is for you to experience a Conscious-Experience. One that creates body awareness through connecting your mind to your body using your breath and the exercises Joseph Pilates so brilliantly created or that of a minduful Yoga practice.


In order for us to facilitate a Conscious-Experience for you, We need to know your intention for your practice and any aches, pains, surgeries, etc., you have had or are currently mitigating. 


In our studio we ask that everyone take responsibility for their bodies and the energy they bring to the space so don't be afraid to speak up.


We want you to feel honored, supported and most of all empowered. You deserve to feel, happy, healthy, whole and we aim to help you get there! Yay! 


Please print and fill out the attached form and bring it to your first appointment so we can get started with your lesson on time.

Thank you ever so much for doing so!

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