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Prices for Reformer Based & Barre Fusion classes are all the same; buy packages and mix & match​




  •  1 Class - $30

  •  5 Class Pack - $143

  • 10 Class Pack - $270

  • 20 Class Pack - $480



PILATES BARRE FUSION is a dynamic blend of two disciplines, Pilates & Barre,  that share similar concepts and principles. The melding of the two can provide complete and total body alignment, leading to better strength, flexibility and posture.  Pilates Barre Fusion uses traditional Pilates equipment, the reformer, and/or chair along with the True Barre™ and Body Bar Flex™.  It’s the perfect match.  This program is meant to challenge and sculpt the body without the risk of incurring injuries from overuse, one of the major benefits of a barre and Pilates Fusion program. Learn how to interchange Barre and Pilates equipment exercises in the same class, giving you a uniquely different workout because it truly is.  It's Barre for EVERY Body.

  • Wednesday: 8:00am (online only)

  • Friday 8:00am w/Michelle

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  • All services must be signed up for at least 12 hours prior to the desired lesson/class time. You may sign up for repeated times.


  • There is a 24 hour cancellation notice. All services, including classes, must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance to receive a credit refund. No dollar refunds of any amount are given.


  • 5 & 10 class package purchases are valid for 3 months from date of purchase, and 20 packages are valid for 6 months.   No refund of any kind is given for classes not used within the time period.  No dollar refunds of any amount are given.  ***Exceptions considered - contact June 


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