It has taken me a few days to draft this email. I have finally come to the conclusion that honestly, there are no words that can ever truly describe the emotions that we all are going through. There is so much, our emotions are running wild, our hearts are heavy and at times, we don't know where to turn. I sincerely hope this email finds you and your families safe and well. For all of you directly affected by the evacuations and loss of property we extend our condolences, our love and our support. I know I speak on behalf of my staff in saying that we are here to support you as you face the challenges ahead. With all that said, I wanted to let you know that we are here for you. While I too, was personally affected by the wildfire, my home was miraculously left standing, and we were able to get back in on Wednesday after staying with friends for a few days. Our only discomfort was loss of heat, gas, water for a bit and lots of ash in our windowsills and smoke, primarily limited to the garage but lots of debris on our property that the wind blew in. Our studio was fine. Downtown Louisville was unaffected except for boil water restrictions. Many of you know that I was out of town when this all transpired, visiting my family in St Louis and dealing with this from afar was difficult enough. I can only imagine what it was like going through the evacuation process. We would like to be a resource for you to continue to move your body, for community and for connection with one another and in areas we can help you network for assistance. What I have seen and been a recipient of, was the enormous amount of community support that has rallied around us. I have been amazed at how the Community of Louisville, Superior and Boulder County has rallied together to assist everyone. With all the above said, I believe that the MOST important thing you need to do at this time is to TAKE CARE OF YOU.......we cannot move forward with the right mind set or energy if we don't take care of ourselves first. I know we want to help, get things done, however, if you do not take care of yourself FIRST, fatigue is going to set in and it is going to set in fast and hard. That in turn, is going to affect your immune system. And we are still in a time of a pandemic. The risk is too great. Below are some ideas for you:

  • Calling or meeting a friend or group of friends to talk or take a walk

  • Restoration movement and meditation

  • Soothing baths with essential oils

  • Eating nutritious, balanced meals on a regular basis

  • Talking to a therapist

  • Moving your body every day (did you know that moving a minimum of 10 minutes a day will have a profound impact on your immune system?)

  • Take a few moments to close your eyes and breathe

  • Getting enough sleep

Dave and I have dear friends that were victims of the Napa/Sonoma Fires in 2017. They own a winery on 88 acres in Sonoma Country at the top of Sonoma Mountain. They lost so much, yet miraculously their home was spared, but everything else was gone. They reached out to us and put together the following PDF with advice on those that were impacted by wildfire. They were kind enough to put this together for us to share with our friends and members. We just visited them in November, and four years later, it is amazing to see the regrowth and beauty that has emerged. It gives me hope for all of us.

Click here for PDF

Moving forward, please know that we are here to support you.

Current members that are directly impacted by the fires & displaced from your homes, we are happy to offer you complimentary group sessions, for the time being, as you are getting yourself settled in temporary locations. Please reach out should you need anything specific. We do have resources available, so let us assist you and connect you with networks that might be of help to you. Reach out to me via email if there is anything specific that you need, we are here for you. Happy to create a Go Fund Me for anyone in need. Please reach out. Anyone that can offer assistance and/or services, please let me know so we can add you to our resources.

And for members unaffected, we will continue to offer our Holiday specials throughout the month of January.

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Many have reached out on how they can help. For those unaffected & or anyone that wishes to donate, a great organization to donate to is the Boulder Community Foundation. They also have a list as to how you can volunteer and / or help.

For more information and to donate: Boulder Community Foundation

You can also follow them on Facebook here:

Community is everything - and over the past few years, I have found that when surrounded by the right people, anything can be achieved, personally, AND professionally. In fact, nothing of significance is ever achieved alone. It takes a village…and this village is coming together.

Sending my love to all of you all of you. This community is my neighborhood. We are strong but we can’t do it alone. Together we will rise and move forward.

Much love to all,