December 2021 News

I can't believe it is already mid-December....It amazes me how quickly time flies! To think that in just a few short weeks, we will be in 2022! It has been a wild and crazy 2 years with consistent changes, yet I am thrilled to still be open and have the ability to serve you both in the studio and in the comfort of your home AND....WE are so grateful to ALL of YOU for the community we have created that allows ALL of us to support one another. This email is to outline the schedule for the holiday season upon us. This season, I would like to give my staff (and me!!) the gift of the last week of the year. In light of this, we will be open next week through Christmas Eve. Friday, December 24th, we will have morning classes, held as usual, our last class will be 10am. We will be closing the studio from December 25th through January 2nd reopening on Januauy 3rd. It's been a long year and I want to gift my staff an opportunity to enjoy the last week of the year with their family and friends.

Below is our current schedule. We will make some changes effective January 15th & will keep you posted the first week of the new year. Please know that the schedule is subject to change. Open classes will appear online when booking. Book here on our website. We look forward to seeing you in class!

Current schedule will remain in place through January 15th


Mondays: 9:am Live Reformer with June / 5:30pm Live Reformer Fusion with June Tuesdays: 7:00am Live Reformer with June / 9:00am Live Reformer with Ashley 10:00am Intermediate Reformer with Ashley Wednesdays 9:00am Live Reformer with June / 5:30pm Live Reformer Fusion with June Thursdays 9:00am Live Reformer with Ashley /12:00pm Live Reformer with Ashley Fridays 8:00am Live Pilates Barre Fusion with Michelle / 10:00am LIVE Control Balance with Michelle Saturdays 8:00am Live Reformer Fusion with June


Tuesdays 4:30pm Pilates Mat Fusion with Kristina

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***Free Sessions will be added to your account after purchase.


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