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I'm Grateful for all of Your


"5 out of 5 Stars!" - Angela, CO


"5 out of 5 Stars!" - Pamela, CO


"Great Session!" - Madison, CO


"Love, Love, Love! Thank you!!" - Tori, CO

I Can't begin to tell you how wonderful it was to happen upon your studio during our stay in Louisville. My daughter, Ashley, and I felt immediately at home when we spent time at Center Your Body Pilates. Your kind and joyful energy was a real treat and we became fast friends. Thank you so much for making our vacation extra special by allowing us to take the time to share your space and find some peaceful and intentional "me" time. Until we can share time together again, we will remember you with a smile." - Marta, FL


"I enjoyed my first semi-private lesson. I felt great all day & the next day, too! Looking forward to the next lesson. Can't wait, see you soon!" - Mary, CO


"I loved your studio! I thought I was going to be sore, but I actually wasn't, surprisingly!" - Dr. Achtermann, CO


"I love the studio and coming to Pilates. I am thankful for your knowledge a& guidance because my legs are burning but I love it and you!" - Marguerite, CO


"I cannot tell you how much better my body and mind felt after yesterday's assisted stretch session... yes, I love my pilates with you but the 15 minute assisted stretch session you gave me... WOW! I experienced 100% immediate improvement that literally changed my day, night and on into today. Amazing! I think everybody should sign up for your assisted stretching and feel the benefits of letting go of all that stuff we store in our bodies. Hooray for this new service you are offering!" - Lisa, CO

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